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Many owners spend their days doing the same two things when training their dogs:

1. Telling them what to do

2. Telling them what not to do

We teach you to integrate a component into your dogs most important learning stage. 

Designed by Doglogics Owner / Trainer, Mike Calinoff, Practical Positive Development is a series of exercises that teach you to recognize and reward your dog -- in the moment -- for the good decisions they make, on their own -- that we like. 

When dogs are rewarded for their good choices and decisions, they start to make more of them. 


A key component of ALL our programs is teaching your dog to focus on you when a distraction, such as other dogs or people are present.

We need to be the best and most interesting distraction to our dogs, and the DISTRACTION 360 exercise helps us accomplish that. 

Our highly-effective Downtown Davidson Field Trip gives us an opportunity to introduce moderate to intense distractions from all sides, for Hyper-Focus Training. 

dist diagram.png
positone diversion.png

A June 2020 study from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has shown that aversive measures, such as yelling or purposely creating loud, harsh noises had a poor impact on getting a positive response during training. Furthermore, it showed that over time, the dogs developed higher degrees of anxiety. 

Our POSITONE DIVERSION Method of communication, teaches you how to use a better "voice" in order to get your dogs attention, and then direct them towards the behaviors we like. 


We Do Not Use E-Collars, Force or Fear
in Our Training

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