Puppy Training

All Programs are 


to Your Goals!

Ten Weeks to Four Months

Get your Puppy started in the right direction with this package:


Five (5) Forty-Minute In-Home Sessions

-- House Breaking
-- Toy Play
-- Introduction to leash and harness

-- Commands: Sit, Down & Stay

Four to Six Months

Introduce your Puppy to the whole world with this package:

Four (4) Sixty-Minute In-Home Sessions

-- Greeting New Strangers

-- Loose Leash Walking with distractions

-- Recall (Coming when called) in Open Fenced Area

-- Sit, Down, Stand, Stay and Place
    in distracting environments

Six Months to One Year

Your Puppy is a Graduating and ready for any situation with this package:

Six (6) Sixty-Minute In-Home Sessions

-- Loose Leash Walking

-- Sit, Down, Stand, Stay and Come

-- Toy Play

-- Dog to Dog introductions

-- Dog To Human Introductions

-- Good Manners