At Doglogics we are, first and foremost, dog owners and dog lovers. And we are proud to provide your dog training needs in Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson and Mooresville. We know the frustration of dealing with the craziness of a new puppy, or behavioral problems with an adult dog. We're here and ready to help give you the best life with your doggo!

All trainers have completed a required minimum of 450 hours of both in-home and off-site dog training, as outlined in the DPRM (Doglogics Positive Reinforcement Methodology) training program and are proficient in Puppy Development, behavior modification, socialization, obedience and problem-solving. 

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Doglogics | Puppy Pros owner, trainer and entrepreneur, Mike Calinoff, has served on the Board of the Humane Society of Iredell County from 2011 - 2016 and is a lifelong pet welfare and rescue advocate, with a passion for dog training. 

​After starting Bark Avenue Walks & Pet Sitting -- a Five-Star-rated dog walking & pet sitting company -- he realized how many dog owners were settling for bad behaviors, such as leash-pulling, and took an interest in learning to solve common issues. Success came quickly, which prompted him to start Doglogics | Puppy Pros.

Mike is also a well-known figure in the NASCAR community. Most notably, he is a three-time Championship Spotter and two-time Daytona 500 winner with Matt Kenseth and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Mike Calinoff
Owner / Trainer


Jasmine Dannun

Head Trainer

At 27-years-old, Jasmine Dannun is considered a "rock star trainer" by her peers in the Lake Norman area. She started working in kennels and quickly developed a knack for identifying behavioral issues and methods to fix them. She has been training dogs professionally for ten years.

Prior to joining Doglogics | Puppy Pros, Jasmine worked for Euro Goldendoodles of Mt. Holly, NC -- one of the nations most lauded and respected breeders. 

While her training skills are well-rounded, she's particularly proficient working with pet parents of young dogs and teaching them the fine points of developing a well-behaved companion.

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Leann Samarco


Leann Samarco grew up with a variety of animals from farm to small in- door pets, but has always had a passion for learning about and working with dogs. She started competing in agility, rally-o, and competition obedience with her first dog at 12 years old.


A certified veterinary technician, she has been training dogs professionally since 2007 and still competes with her own dog in competition obedience, tracking, and personal protection.