●  Basic Obedience

●  House-Training

●  Barking
●  Destructive Chewing
●  Pulling on Leash
●  Jumping Up
●  Hyperactivity
●  Not Listening
●  Running Away

●  Off-leash Walking

●  Socialization with Dogs

●  Socialization with People

●  Positive Crate Training

What is Positive Reinforcement Training?

● Teaching desirable behavior using science and
    reward-based methods

●  Helping dogs learn step-by-step

●  Motivating the dog with fun exercises and games
●  Encouraging dogs to think for themselves
●  Understanding dogs' feelings from body language
●  Using methods that work humanely


This method will promote:

●  Your dogs self-control

●  Your dogs self-confidence

●  A trusting relationship


●  Separation Anxiety

●  Leash Reactivity
●  Shyness / Fearfulness, ●  Aggression
●  Biting
●  Resource Guarding
●  Compulsive Behaviors
●  Dog-Dog Aggression

●  Fighting


●  Therapy Dog

●  Emotional Support
●  Guide Dog

●  Service and Assistance

In Home Dog Training Benefits and Discounts

Our In Home Dog Training Programs offer a variety of benefits that include:

  • Convenience for the dog owner. No driving to weekly group classes.

  • Great for dogs that stress in kennel or clinical environments.

  • Quick and effective dog training.

  • Training can take place with or without the owner(s) present.

  • Highly affordable pricing.

  • Discounts for multiple dogs in the same home.

  • Free Follow-up Training for the Life of the Dog.