There are several steps you should take if you think your dog will have a bad reaction to fireworks:


— Play the fireworks sound effects by starting with the volume a little above normal; then increase it gradually to a comfortable level. They can either be in or out of their crate for this activity.


— If your dog is scared, don’t coddle them. Use treats and praise to encourage that the sound is positive. If they shut down, end the activity and try to rebound them with positivity and treats. Don’t revisit the sound until next day.


— You can also do startle activities by slamming things and making loud noises randomly throughout the day and then, again, encourage your dog with treats and praise that it was a good sound. Pay attention to your timing and don’t let there be too much of a lapse between the loud noise and praise. This will help eliminate the startle associated with fireworks. 


On the Fourth of July:


— Try not to leave them alone and unattended. Call a pet sitter, friend, take them with you or board them.


— Turn the TV or radio volume up, use a fan to create noise or utilize the music link above.


— Be aware of where your dog is at all times. Don’t risk the door being open or them being on the porch unleashed. if an explosion scares them they can take off. 


— Talk to your vet and look into calming medicines if needed. There are also natural remedies like CBD dog treats. See the link below for a local business you can support.


— PLEASE, please, try to make your dog a top priority before the Fourth of July fun.