About Us - Meet the Trainers

At doglogics we are, first and foremost, dog owners and dog lovers. And we are proud to provide your dog training needs in Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson and Mooresville. We know the frustration of dealing with behavioral problems and understand the strain it puts on what should be a happy and rewarding relationship with your best buddy.


We also know there is a myriad of conflicting information and "quick-fix" products available and we share the concerns about whether methods are safe and humane for our fuzzy kids.

Our training plans are custom-designed from head to tail based upon the individual needs of both you and your pooch. We understand every dog is different and what may work for one family may not work for another. We do not use shock collars, pinch collars, choke chains, manhandling or intimidation of the dog. Instead, we use modern canine behavioral science, and we get results - real, long-lasting results. We gently teach and communicate with the dog in a language he understands, and work with him rather than against him. Our methods prove themselves again and again, and your satisfaction is guaranteed, 


We leave happier owners, and happier dogs - the same thing we would want for ourselves and our own pets. Call us today and get ready to enjoy a better life with your dog!

Mike Calinoff

doglogics owner and entrepreneur, Mike Calinoff, had served on the Board of the Humane Society of Iredell County from 2011 - 2016 and is a lifelong pet welfare and rescue advocate.

In late 2017, Mike started Bark Avenue Walks & Pet Sitting -- a Five-Star-rated dog walking  & pet sitting company serving Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson and Mooresville. 

In addition to his business ventures Mike is also a well-known figure in the NASCAR community. Most notably, he is a three-time Championship Spotter and with Matt Kenseth and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

He spent 16 years traveling the circuit where he amassed 57 wins in the three top National Touring Series -- including two Daytona 500's.

Paige Welch

Dr. Beth S. Broome


Jasmine Dannun

Welch, began her love of training and working with dogs while competing in obedience trials in 4-H.  


This continued through high school and college while working as a veterinary technician and raising a guide dog puppy.  Once her children were older, Paige had the opportunity to raise 3 more guide dogs, teach puppy kindergarten and lead obedience classes.

She is an advocate of safe and humane methodology, which has proven to be the most successful and allowed her to achieve measurable results. 


Paige lives in Huntersville with her family – both human and furry alike!


Widely known as "Dr. B" in the Lake Norman area, Beth Broome is a Licensed/Retired Veterinarian and French Bulldog Breeder that has a passion for Pets and their families.


Beth practiced veterinary medicine for 28 years and has worked in the field for over forty. A dog enthusiast with plenty of experience and knowledge to help the growth of the dog/human bond and training goals, Dr. B boasts over 30 years of animal behavior experience. 


Excited to enter this new chapter and join the Doglogics team and assist in enhancing people’s training experience!

At 26-years-old, Jasmine Dannun is considered a "rock star trainer" by her peers in the Lake Norman area. She started working in kennels and quickly developed a knack for identifying behavioral issues and methods to fix them. 

While her training skills are well-rounded, she's particularly proficient working with pet parents of young dogs and teaching them the fine points of developing a well-behaved companion.

One of the most rewarding facets of her training repertoire is teaching them to do fun things. As she says, "Not only can you teach a old dog new tricks -- you can teach any dog, any trick!"

The Mooresville resident has four pups of her own, including two service and one protection dog.